Development Update 4: Our Discord server is open for business!

Even though the release of Elrakis is still months away (just being honest here!) we have opened up a Discord server for all of you to hang out and discuss the game.

The Game's Designer, Mike van Riel, is ever present and probably is hard to shut up about the game when you talk to him about it.

So, given there is no game to play, why open up a Discord server?

Simple! Your feedback is important not just to us, but more importantly to the game! Every suggestion, piece of criticism and question contribute to making this a game worth playing, a game worth enjoying. And what better way to voice your opinion than using a Discord!

Development Update 3: Customizing ships with Modules

Each ship in Elrakis can be modified by adding modules onto them; these modules will give advantages and some may also have a disadvantage on the functioning of the ship.

Examples of such modules are boosters that can increase the ships speed, armour or firing power. Or even additional crew quarters to ferry people.

The first groundwork to outfit ships with these modules is underway. We have been experimenting with various setups and a proof of concept is on its way.

In the next weeks, we want to make sure this can be used in space battles; so that players can select the best load out for a specific mission, or gain the upper hand on an opponent by selecting a layout which they did not expect.

Development Update 2: Firing at objects

Combat is going to play an important role in Elrakis. Even though you could fare well as a manufacturer or explorer it pays to have some combat experience.

In the last week I have been working on introducing a modular way of fitting ships with various kinds of weaponry, starting with blaster shots.

Shots fired by these weapons will actually apply force to the object they hit, so when a large projectile hits a ship you can actually see it move from the impact.

With this foundation for combat it should be relatively easy to add more types of projectiles and to allow for various upgrades that will affect the accuracy, optimal range and damage output for these weapons.